About Crowbar

The Crowbar Boutique is based in St. Paul, Alberta. Mother & Daughter duo Bailee Ayotte and Maureen Kruesel, took their passion to the streets a few years ago when they opened their doors in 2016. They started with painting classes, once they moved into clothing they haven't looked back since!

The Crowbar is more than just clothes, it’s expression, passion and a dream come true. Accessorizing and dressing women in flattering clothing is just part of our day to day operations. We are obsessed with finding the perfect outfits and trends so that our customers can come to us and find their favourite wardrobe pieces. But it doesn't stop at fashion. The boutique offers a variety of locally sourced products, home decor and florals from Westcove Treasures, Pottery and Mugs from Sharon Richardson and now Sunless Tanning offered by Bailee!

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